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Janitorial Cleaning Services Hackensack NJ

Cleanliness is important for any commercial enterprise, whether it is an office, school, a shop, gym, any kind of place. A clean environment is essential for the health and safety of the people using those premises. It also creates a good impression and thereby improves the productivity and revenues.

Thorough cleaning of an office or a building which houses a number of enterprises warrants the services of professional cleaners. Janitorial services provide comprehensive cleaning of large premises.  There are trained janitors who are familiar with the nuances of cleaning.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Hackensack NJ

Janitorial services include:

  1. Emptying trash cans, shampooing carpets, cleaning hardwood floor, dusting and polishing furniture, vacuuming, etc.
  2. Cleaning windows, blinds, and any other kind of window coverings.
  3. Kitchen area, and kitchen appliances.
  4. Air vents and ceiling fans.
  5. Sanitizing restrooms.


When it comes to cleanliness of your commercial premises, you should not compromise. You should seek the best services. Not all professional janitorial services are the same. For quality janitorial services in Hackensack, you can avail the services of Wayne Maintenance. They are well known for a variety of cleaning services.

Our services have an edge over others because:

  1. Our staff is well trained.
  2. We use environmentally safe chemicals for cleaning.
  3. Our staff is experienced in cleaning of professional buildings.
  4. Our services are available at timings to suit your schedule.
  5. We provide services at the frequency you desire.
  6. Our staff is friendly and courteous.


Maintain cleanliness in your enterprise with professional janitorial cleaning services from Wayne Maintenance!

Give us a call @973-460-1440 & we will come to your business and give you a free estimate.