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Industrial Cleaning Orlando Fl

It is very crucial to clean up the industrial waste and hazardous materials. Wayne professional Maintenance is known for providing the effective cleaning services in the Orlando, Florida. Our Industrial cleaning services provide a host of services including bulked liquid treatment and disposal, drummed and packaged waste disposal, industrial cleaning and high pressure jetting, contaminated soil disposal and many more services to our clients.

If you are running any industrial business like factories and manufacturing companies, then definitely you need a professional cleaning company with specialized services to suit your particular needs.

Wayne Professional maintenance offers efficient cleaning services on daily, monthly, bi-month industrial cleaning services. You can hire our service according to your needs and timings.

Some of the areas we focus on:

  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Ducts
  • Pipes
  • Gutters
  • Windows

We offer the following type of services to our clients:

  • Our oil and water treatment involves removal of oil waste from a specific location and transports it to a treatment facility. Here the mixture of oil and water can be separated either for disposing of or reuse.
  • Our Industrial cleaning specialists will visit your location to carry out the tank cleaning. This includes tanks that contain oils, fluids, and another hazardous waste disposal.
  • We provide a safety and cleaning plan for your workplace and its premises.
  • Our team works as per the government laws about safety and proper waste management.
  • There are many dangers involved with industrial cleaning unlike office cleaning or professional cleaning. Our cleaning team is therefore trained enough to handle the toxic chemicals involved in the cleaning procedures.
  • We can help you in providing an environmentally –friendly atmosphere to your place.
  • We will make your workplace free from dusty desks, stained carpets, or overflow of crumbled paper. Thus, helps you in giving fresh and clean workplace.

Wayne Professional Maintenance is a leading industrial cleaning service provider in Orlando FL, who has been helping the organizations for years. Our professional team fully understands the need of the clients and provides them environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.