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Contract Cleaning Hackensack NJ

Contract cleaning entails cleaning of office premises or commercial space on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Government agencies also engage contract cleaning for public premises from professional cleaning companies.

Contract Cleaning Hackensack NJ

Cleaning companies that provide contract cleaning services must adhere to certain rules:

  1. The cleaners should be above a certain age as per the laws of the country.
  2. They should be trained in various aspects of cleaning.
  3. They should be insured.
  4. They should not have a criminal record of any kind.
  5. The cleaners should be licensed.
  6. The cleaning company is liable in case of any damage or loss. They will have to bear the necessary legal and medical expenses.
  7. The cleaning company brings the cleaning material and equipment.


Cleaning needs of different organizations are different. Hence it is essential that the cleaning company is aware of the client’s needs. When you need to hire the services of a contract cleaning company, you will need to discuss with your cleaning needs with them. This will enable them to give you a customized cleaning program. Professional contract cleaning companies also have regular meetings with their client to check if they are satisfied with the services. This enables them to make any modification in the cleaning program as per the client’s needs.

One of best contract cleaning companies in Hackensack is Wayne Maintenance. We provide you customized cleaning programs for your premises using eco-friendly cleaners and latest equipment. Our cleaners are well trained and experienced.

Maintain cleanliness in your premises through the professional contract cleaning services!

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